Fingers Crossed Ringwood

There is a new kid on the block and boy have they made an impression! With over 1000 likers on Facebook, many of which liked them before their opening, Fingers crossed already has a great fan club. With all the buzz in the air and because I have been MIA for a little bit, I decided to see for myself if they lived up to the hype.. Fingers crossed!!

Walking through the doors at Fingers crossed I instantly felt a cool modern vibe about it.. The brick walls, the brown and black decor and cool beats in the background set the foundation for a jamming cafe! My husband and I were greeted by a lovely server who was super friendly and showed us to a table.. Giving us our menus we placed our drink order and I got my predictable half strength latte.

I was very excited about my latte as they use Axil roaster beans and I am a big fan!! My latte came out and it looked perfect, I was ready to enjoy!! I had my first sip, then another and then another.. And no matter how much I drank, I could not taste the notes of the coffee! It really tasted like drinking warm milk.. Now I know it is half strength, however another cafe in Ringwood uses Axil and I can always taste the notes and depth of the coffee, but not here.. It could either be the milk that is being used, or that the machine is extracting too fast? Totally not the baristas fault, but something to check  🙂



Looking at the menu we could not decide on the fettuccine with beef and mushroom ragu, or the crispy fried chicken burger with chips. In the end hubby chose the chicken burger and I chose the wagu beef burger. As we sat and talked we were having food envy as we saw all the food being brought out, and I wanted to try just about everything haha.


The chicken burger came out and wow, what a chicken burger!! Is it just me, or does chicken always look better in pictures than beef? Anyhoo…. I had a sneaky bite and I instantly wished that I had chosen this burger, as it is the best chicken burger that I have ever tasted!! The chicken had a beautiful crunch, soft centre and paired with the JAX sauce and coleslaw, it was the burger of all burgers. The chips were perfect and wonderfully paired with the spicy BBQ sauce on the side.



My beef burger came out and yes, a winner once again. What I loved most about my beef burger is that it was a little charcoal, just like a good ol American burger, and I LOVED it. The pickles, the sauce, the cheese, everything was just winning.



The lovely staff asked us how we were enjoying our meals and if we wanted more drinks which is a major plus. Fingers crossed is truly a friendly place.. So all up with the service, food and coffee I give Fingers crossed a 7.8/10! Now if they fix the coffee extraction or look at milk then it could quite easily go to a 9.8/10!


We will be back!!

I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx

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