D is for dumplings

A little while ago I received a flyer in my mailbox for a new dumpling place in Ringwood. Now I normally throw out my junk mail but I have a weakness for dumplings! For 2 months this flyer sat on my desk until one night I decided to visit D is for dumplings.

Located just passed Eastland D is for dumpling shines bright amongst the older parts of Ringwood with its bright lights and lanterns. My Husband and I walked in and instantly we were greeted by a lovely waitress and sown to a table. The restaurant was large and open however a little clinical and concrete looking. Maybe because they are only new?




We were given our menus and ordered drinks before we made our way through the delicious options. From dumplings that included prawn and chicken dumplings, pork dumplings, vegetable dumpling and even hot and sour dumplings! Entrees such as spring rolls, wontons, spring onions cakes and so much more.. And mains that included kung pao chicken, deep fried chicken, honey chicken, lemon chicken, duck, pork, beef!! There was just so much goodness that it was difficult to choose. In the end we chose prawn and chicken pan fried dumplings, vegetable spring rolls, dim sum and stir fried flat noodles with scrambled egg and chicken.

First our dumplings came out and they were delicious. I did however findΒ the wrapping to be a teeny bitΒ tough but still incredibly yummy!


Our spring rolls and dim sum then came out. The spring rolls were golden and crispy with fresh ingredients inside, however the dim sum was overcooked and was very tough to eat.

Lastly came out our flat noodles and the dish was cooked to perfection. There was an abundance of chicken and vegetables and each mouthful was like eating silk. The noodles were that good!!


D is for dumpling was a mixed bag experience. The service was friendly and consistent, the food was mostly incredible minus a couple of things and the decor needs a little work. All up for my experience I give D is for dumplings a 7.5/10!

I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx

D For Dumplings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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