Is Melbourne the Best Place for Doughnuts?

Is Melbourne the Best Place for Doughnuts?

Whether they’re from an old-recipe, artisinal, jam-filled, or just plain ol’ dough dipped in sugar, doughnuts are generally delicious. In fact, doughnuts can take on any flavour combination and it tends to work.

They are also that popular that now, that they are now sold in the majority of countries across the world.

Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are some of the most well established global brands but what about the artisanal shops in Melbourne that sell great-tasting doughnuts? If you love sweet food and live in Melbourne, or are looking to visit the city in the near future, check out our list of wonderful eateries producing the best doughnuts around.

Doughnut Time – Central Business District

doughnuttime1                               image credit:

The Doughnut Time fad started in Brisbane but it eventually made its way to Melbourne. The small, humble doughnut shop that has a neon sign outside its Degraves Lane shop opened its doors to Melbourne residents in February 2016, and it has been a popular joint ever since. With its massive success, Doughnut Time opened another branch in Fitzroy just a few weeks after opening its first store.

Fancy Nance – South Yarra

SONY DSC                        image credit:

Fancy Nance is a donut shop that’s perfect for those who like their donuts really sweet. They fill their donuts with soft cream, and they taste absolutely delicious. Fancy Nance has doughnut-shaped cones with salted caramel or vanilla soft servings, which they sprinkle with sweets such as chocolate shards and gummy bears.

All Day Donuts – Brunswick

o                image credit:

All Day Donuts is the brainchild of Raph Rashid, the genius behind Australia’s Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck food vans.

Rashid discovered his talent of producing the best doughnuts when he was able to sell over 300 in just 25 minutes at the Fitzroy’s Flour Market in 2014. All Day Donuts serve plenty of original-flavoured donuts such as lime brulee, mandarin glaze with chocolate custard, coffee glaze with passion fruit, and lemon with poppy glaze.

Bistro Morgan

bistro-morgan-pop-up-windsor-1 image credit:

Bistro Morgan has over 100 flavours to offer to its customers, which are usually restaurants and cafés all over Melbourne. On September 18 – 25 earlier this year, Bistro Morgan hosted its first ever Doughnut Pop-up on Windsor High Street, which is a limited-time stall that offered Bistro Morgan’s finest creations. Bistro Morgan’s head chef is a genius, 15-year-old secondary high school student who received high praise from the country’s top chefs.

Cobb Lane – Yarraville

photo-4-copy-2-e1406444881577image credit:

Cobb Lane’s doughnuts are distinctively plump, which is probably one of its selling points. The store’s doughnuts are filled with espresso custard and walnuts, raspberry, or lychee jam with a bit of rose custard. The doughnuts are quite possibly the most unique in this list thanks to the fillings’ unique look and flavours that give fresh take on the ol’ classic doughnuts.

Can’t choose which doughnut place to try first? Don’t worry, it’s what researchers call the Law of Permutation and Combinations. When we are overloaded with options, the more difficult it is to choose. So, how do we combat this conundrum? Well, you can choose to go to one of the above once a month until you’ve tried them all or go all out on a food trip of Melbourne and try all the aforementioned stores in one day. Have you got what it takes to try all the stores in one day?


I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx

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