Bean in the woods cafe

Yesterday it was my Hubbys birthday and what better way to celebrate than brunch at a new cafe?!? After our local MP Dee Ryall  recommended Bean in the woods cafe on her Facebook wall, how could we not try the new kids in town?

When we entered the cafe located at the Ringwood square shopping complex, we were surprised by how spacious and modern the cafe looked. The decor was modern and it had a really open, relaxed vibe about it. We were not sure if we had to wait for a table or be seated so after a minute we just chose a table and sat down (Coz that’s how we roll)

A lovely waitress came and gave us our menus and took our drink orders while we were left to look over the menu. Wow the menu! So many delicious options from burgers, to pizza, focaccias, lasagna, chips, avo smash and so much more. The floor manager checked on us twice as I had such a hard time deciding, thankfully he was patient with me! In the end I chose the Breakfast at Tiffanys pizza  with added chorizo and Hubby chose the grilled chicken and herb burger.

My latte came and it tasted so so good. I found out when we paid that they source their blend from The mailing room  in Canterbury, which shows me that they know coffee!


After a little while our food came out and it looked incredible! With just one bite of the pizza I was instantly taken to a very happy place. The egg and the bacon was cooked to perfection, the chorizo added punch and the cheese was so flavoursome that I think I told the manager 2 or 3 times how incredible it was!!


Hubbys burger was just as good and packed with a flavour explosion. We added mayo as Mr loves mayo and everything melded wonderfully. Also the bun was warm!! I love warm burger buns, they are the best!


The display cabinets were enticing and if I was asked if I wanted anything else I totally would of had a cake and coffee, how could I of said no?!?  I also love the wall of kids drawings which shows that this cafe is family and pram friendly. And the prices are affordable. Around $30 for the 2 of us, how awesome is that!!

Just a couple of small observations, and I know it is because Bean to the woods is fairly new but this could help a lot! – It would of been great to have someone greet customers as they walked in and show them to the table as this helps with any confusion that the customer may have, then they already love the staff and the cafe! Also when the customer has finished and they are asked how their food was (that was so lovely)  it would be nice to ask them if they would like any coffee or dessert. Not only does this feed the customer with more of the cafes deliciousness but it will also add to the profits, win win!!

So will I be back?? That is a big YES from me!!

All up I give Bean to the woods a welcoming 9/10!

I’ve bean To Melbourne

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